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Manolis Vordonis | Owner, Poseidonion Grand Hotel
When we were looking for a partner to take on the communication and public relations of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, it was important for us to find people whose ethos and values would match those of the Poseidonion.
We feel that in Kostas Panagakis’ team at Travelworks we found exactly what we were looking for, which is why we have a long term collaboration with them. Communicating the Poseidonion Grand Hotel isn’t an easy task because in order for someone to fully represent it, they must understand its subtle nuances, what it actually is, what it signifies and which aspects of its story it is trying to revive. All of the above were quickly perceived by Travelworks, expressing the tone of the Poseidonion effortlessly and without the need for constant communication. This collaboration runs smoothly and efficiently because we all love the Poseidonion Grand Hotel and understand its philosophy.
Maria Strati | General Manager, Poseidonion Grand Hotel
The support of Travelworks is an invaluable asset and it has been a pleasure to enjoy such a dynamic partnership. I would highly recommend Travelworks to every company that wants to strengthen its brand status in this very competitive market.
Mr Kostas Panagakis and his team at Travelworks have successfully handled all aspects of communication and branding strategies for the Poseidonion Grand Hotel since the beginning of 2014, when the hotel celebrated 100 years of history and authentic hospitality.

What has impressed me over the past years is the fact that they have always been available when we needed them, which means that we have developed a very close working relationship. From managing digital media and press releases to creating original social media content and organising photo shoots, Travelworks cover all the needs of the hotel. Nothing is ever too much trouble for the team, whether they are organising the roll out for various campaigns or advising us on marketing strategies and trends. They have curated and executed numerous projects on the hotel’s behalf, always with great attention to detail and have really helped it to maintain its status as a unique destination. Most importantly, Travelworks have been able to communicate the Poseidonion’s particular story with skill and expertise, creating increased interest around our brand.

Stéphanie Ancel | Managing Director,  House of Metaxa

Arnaud Collas | Global Marketing Director, House of Metaxa

It has been a fantastic experience for the House of Metaxa to work with Travelworks for the Explore Greece events, in partnership with The Clumsies in July 2018.

It was quite an ambitious project to coordinate the travels to Athens and then to the Cycladic islands of more than 300 guests (journalists, private clients, customers…) from 10 different countries, including the UK, France, Russia, Poland and China.

Thanks to their strong sense of organisation and full commitment to the project, Travelworks facilitated the required, complex hospitality arrangements, from hotel bookings, transfers and flight coordination to yacht chartering and itinerary planning. Kostas, Katerina and the Travelworks team have always been available, treating our guests as their own and making them feel valued. Explore Greece has been a huge success! All our guests have been impressed by its magic, and Travelworks was the perfect partner organisation for this unforgettable experience.

Sofia Matzourani | Business Development Manager, Aqua Vista Hotels
Travelworks comprises of a multi-skilled team, trained to think, organize and materialise projects in zero time – and at the same time able to turn every little detail into a significant selling point.
One year after our decision to entrust our PR matters to Travelworks Public Relations, I can confidently characterise this collaboration as a milestone.

Soon enough after the assignment Travelworks managed to comprehend our philosophy and needs, resulting in solid and to-the-point promotional materials for our firm, and a fast growing awareness of our portfolio and services to targeted markets, client groups and the media. Adding to these factors their big smile and strong tolerance under pressure, I foresee a long term professional relationship between our two firms.

Afroditi Arvaniti | General Manager, NJV Athens Plaza
There can be no doubt that Travelworks will prove themselves worthy associates and valuable assets for every company that chooses to work with them.
Mr. Kostas Panagakis has been a great partner for our hotel. For more than two years, he and his team at Travelworks successfully managed the N.J.V. Athens Plaza Social Media, creating a strong marketing strategy for all our future events. Accordingly, every promotional activity was delivered with effectiveness and consistency, always meeting the deadlines.

The capable associates at Travelworks professionally executed all projects assigned by the hotel, approaching with creativity and efficiency not only their content, but also their realisation.

Furthermore, the Travelworks presentations, were tremendous, being extremely valuable in helping us form an overall impression of our campaigns and the budgets requirements, which is a very important factor for companies in our sector, given the current economic situation in Greece.

Vana Lazarakou | Deputy General Manager, NJV Athens Plaza
We are always given the impression that we are Travelworks’ favourite project, ready to meet all of our demands with great enthusiasm and creativity.
For the past three years NJV Athens Plaza has confidently  placed its trust in Travelworks and its competent team, led by the exceptional Kostas Panagakis. Throughout this time, Travelworks has been committed to  enriching all aspects of our hotel’s public relations by regularly organising very successful and entertaining events, and has also strengthened our social media presence whilst staying true to our brand.
Leonidas Anagnostou | General Manager, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa
The hotel market is so competitive and fluctuating that you always have to be one step ahead, to have the right positioning in the market and simultaneously to stand out in the consumer’s mind.
From the moment I met Mr Panagakis I realised that Travelworks is the ideal partner for us to have in the very important area of Social Media, PR & Media Relations, Content Creation and so on. I had no hesitations about entering into cooperation with Travelworks and, one season later, the decision to do so proved to have been the correct one.

The team of Travelworks always provided essential support within our specific time limits, which were often extremely tight. Most important of all, our partners identified with the Nikki Beach brand very quickly and successfully applied the guidelines of our Miami headquarters, making our day to day operations much smoother and more efficient. The outcome exceeded that of even our most ambitious forecasts as we far surpassed the targets which we had initially set ourselves. The strategic cooperation with a partner who is experienced in the hospitality trade is a business move which I believe every hotelier should consider.

Anastasios Naoum | General Manager, Myconian Villa Collection
From the onset of each collaboration, the team at Travelworks successfully handled public relations, social media & communications with professionalism and dedication.
In my capacity as General Manager of the Myconian Villa Collection in Mykonos and earlier as General Manager of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses I had the opportunity to enjoy a very successful collaboration with Travelworks Public Relations.

Having a firm grasp of the uniqueness of each venue, the Travelworks team ensured that they stayed true to our brand in every way, with focused and meaningful original content that conveyed exactly the right message. What is also impressive is how Travelworks was able to continuously meet our demands in an extremely timely manner, giving the impression that we were its number one priority. No request was ever too much for the team and their approach was always prompt, friendly and professional.

Alexandros Charalabopoulos | Head Chef, Domotel Kastri Bistro
This has been the best cooperation I have ever had with a public relations company and I cannot wait to work with Travelworks again.
Every time someone congratulates me on my work I tell them that,“it’s all about team work”. Professional gastronomy and fine dining require many people of different sectors cooperating together successfully. Being a chef who works hard to achieve the best results possible, I appreciate any form of help when it comes to promoting my job. Kostas Panagakis and his team at Travelworks made sure we had an excellent collaboration, understanding any concerns I may have had, giving me advice and asking for my advice, as well, making me feel secure that my work would be communicated in the best way possible.
Irini Pasaliadi | Owner, Remezzo Mykonos
We considered the Travelworks team to be a part of our own, ensuring that every project was executed successfully and within a very short period of time.
I would like to thank Travelworks for our excellent collaboration. The credibility of the team and willingness to deal with any problems that may have occurred or any questions raised, are truly impressive. All [social media] projects were always carried out as planned, infused on your part with innovative and creative ideas, whilst the way you handled our TripAdvisor page was more than satisfying. I wish you all the best.

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