Tweed Run Spetses

Poseidonion Grand Hotel | Spetses

Crafting memories of a bygone era

Poseidonion Grand Hotel has been a true landmark of Greek hospitality for more than a century, reflecting the true meaning of subtle luxury and pure elegance. In its 100-year anniversary milestone, Poseidonion entrusted Travelworks with the project of designing and rolling out a series of activities & initiatives focused on the further fortification of its brand presence. On an operational level the key aspiration was to target upper and affluent clientele both domestic and international, while yearning to shift and drive demand beyond peak season.

 Client | Poseidonion Grand Hotel
 Project Type | Event Management
 Location | Spetses Island, Greece
 Concept | British style themed event

Delineating the communication strategy

“An event that encapsulates cosmopolitan elegance”

Tweed Run as a celebratory retrospective revives and commemorates the days of old, the refined values of nature appraisal and respect, gracefulness, cultivated manners and sartorial aesthetics. It is a bike ride like no other, as participants dress to their finest, slow down the speed to enjoy the ride and compete for the best vintage outfit after having relaxed over an authentic picnic with aromatic tea and assortments.

Travelworks and Poseidonion Grand Hotel teamed up so as to tailor the format in alliance with the island’s distinctive features. The core values of Tweed Run are envisaged in this car-free island and its various locations of natural beauty like the old harbour and the Anargyrios & Korgialenios School of Spetses, that were hand picked as ideal sceneries for different stages of the event.

Rolling out a successful event

“A perfectly tuned event waking up century old memories”

Poseidonion Grand Hotel and Poseidonion square were perfectly tuned in the Tweed Run vibe, surrounded with beautiful classical bikes and costumes of young and old. Vintage bike lovers, well-groomed men and perfectly polished women joined us in celebrating the values of days gone by on a ride off the beaten track.

Eclectic sartorial selections were in the spotlight responding to our invitation to praise the beauties of yesterday. Tweed jackets and trousers, flattering capes, stylish caps, bow-ties, unique designs of brogues and oxford shoes were all marvellously combined as the ensembles that “dressed up” the backdrop of this historic Hotel and its centennial tradition, creating a vintage atmosphere that turned back time, exuding fairytale a feel.

The outcome

Surpassing all expectations in terms of participation and aesthetics, the first Tweed Run event in Spetses was a great success. More than 200 fans of tweed & bicycles from Greece and abroad joined this special celebration of style, creating a unique atmosphere of bygone days.

The event received extensive coverage from both print and online media triggering more than 50 references in most major Greek outlets. In terms of social media exposure, the event generated more than 400.000 impressions throughout all all social media platforms of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, while the user generated content spread out the vibe of the event even further.

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