Media Relations for the Poseidonion Grand Hotel 2017

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Press & Media Relations for the Poseidonion Grand Hotel

2017 was a great year for press and media relations at the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. More than 70 printed and 400 online reviews of the hotel and its relative brands were published, the majority of which were based primarily from target campaigns with specific themes (the hotel opening season, partnership announcements, events etc). The Travelworks team coordinated over 100 one-on-one communications by phone, email and in person with top media representatives and journalists within Greece and abroad. As a result, 2017 saw over 400,000 impressions for the Poseidonion Grand Hotel on press related accounts over the course of the year.

In Print


1-1 Communications


Kathimerini Sunday

‘The charm of the classic’


‘Where the Vogue editors are holidaying this summer’

6 Million Dollar Story

‘Meet Maria Strati’


‘Something’s going on in Spetses’

Skipper On Deck

‘Poseidonion Grand Hotel & Volvo Hellas are joining forces’

Greece Is

‘Cycling like it’s 1929’

Etihad Airways

‘Visit Greece’


‘Ilaria Bulgari in Spetses’


‘From Bostani to table’




‘Journey to another era’

Madame Figaro

‘Pop up: Nixon goes to Spetses’

Man Code

‘Tweed Run Spetses’

Boats & Yachting

‘Poseidonion Grand Resort’

Kathimerini Foodie Guide


Fay's Control

‘Greek Cuisine Award for the second year at On the Verandah’


‘Spring on the Saronic islands’


‘The new Greek Riviera…’

Ta Nea

‘Volvo Hellas and Poseidonion Grand Hotel Collaboration’

Greek Travel Pages

‘Poseidonion’s ‘On the Verandah’ wins…’

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