Travelworks scores a hat-trick with two bronze and a silver at the Tourism Awards 2017

Travelworks proudly accepted 2 Bronze and a Silver in this year’s Tourism Awards for its outstanding achievements with three very different briefs. The honours were awarded at the annual celebration of excellence in Greek tourism, which is dedicated to rewarding those in the travel and hospitality sector who show exceptional creativity and innovation. A select panel of judges from within the industry take into consideration the contribution to the promotion and growth of tourism in Greece when choosing the winners in each category.

Poseidonion Grand Hotel
Grand Resort Lagonissi Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

Photos (c) Boussias Communications

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Poseidonion Grand Hotel Branding

In order to manage the Poseidonion Grand Hotel brand, Travelworks was responsible for its overall PR and Communications by preparing all material, including graphic artwork, that stays true to the hotel’s distinct identity and character. Printed materials reflecting the specific aesthetic were created for all the hotel’s communication purposes, from its menus to its guest services and facilities. Travelworks prepared B2B material in electronic form, as well as organising themed events on the island to highlight the hotels significance as a historic landmark.

Grand Resort Lagonissi Social Media

Travelworks took on the management of the resort’s social media accounts that communicate the brand to an international audience. New content was created, such as a pool of photographic material via social media photo shoots, that would convey the authentic guest experience. An impressive increase in audience reach and engagement was achieved through themed topics focusing on the venue, gastronomy and destination highlights, thus reinforcing the resort’s unique identity.

Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Mail Campaigns

Focusing on online communication as a means of conveying the Nikki Beach Resort & Spa experience, an extensive promotional campaign was created by Travelworks. Content for summer events at the venue (White Party, What Women Want, Concerts, Yacht Parties, etc.) was carefully designed in order to reflect the high standard of branding that the Nikki Beach central headquarters in Miami desired. A large number of emails, social media posts and geo-targeted sponsored posts ensured a large attendance at each event and an increased brand awareness.


Words by Wendi Jane Ellis